Cut Flower Grower


Buena Vista Flowers is located in the small rural community of Buena Vista, which is on the banks of the Willamette River in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We grow hundreds of different varieties of annual and perennial flowers. Our shrubs, trees and vines that surround our flowerbeds provide and array of color and texture to our seasonally cut flower bouquets week after week.

We have been growing our flowers since 1980 and have used sustainable growing practices from the start. Rich compost has been added to our soil for 30 years and we have been rewarded with bountiful results every growing season. Our flowers become available towards the end of February and continue to delight us until October. We are a small family farm and welcome visitors to enjoy a self-guided look around. Bouquets may be purchased by chance or by placing an order.  Please call ahead for any special orders.

Bouquets can be purchased directly from our flower barn, located on our homestead, or locally at the Salem Saturday Market. We also offer our services at the First Alternative Cooperatives in Corvallis, Oregon.

Our weekly flower bouquet subscription service provides our customers with a fresh bouquet delivered directly to their home or business.

We specialize in weddings and special occasions of all kinds.

*A special thanks to Katja Coulter for helping Buena Vista Flowers debut online.